Bug: Hidden Velocity limitation for VST sounds (not configured)

Dear VST-LIVE-Team,

I just created a new song within VST LIVE and recognized that the VST sound unfortunately cannot be played correctly. Only a very small range of velocity-levels are allowed to play. If you press the key on the midi keyboard to less or to heavy then the sound is not played.

Attached please find an example file were this issue is included as an reproducable example.

It would be great if you please could analyze and give feedback.
I would assume that this issuel is related to an functional topics.

I am very much shure that I configured any velocity limitations.

Thanks in advance + kind regards

functional bug limited velocity level (hidden limitation, not configured within VST live).zip (199.3 KB)

You configured zones with very limited pitch and velocity ranges (layer/Zones)

Sorry, I wanted to write „I did NOT configured“.
Did you had time to look at my example file? It would be great if please cloud let me know I you could find any misleading configuration. It would be great if you maybe could send a screenshot if I did something wrong in the config of VST live. My current assumption is that the described issue is related to a software bug.

Yes and already told you that you have configured Zones, which filter note and velocity. Click the “Zones” icon, and extend all rectangles to their full extend.
It cannot be repeated too often that if you change something that you don’t know exactly what it does, you should make sure to revert it to what it was before.
And read the manual pls :slight_smile:

Thanks Musicullum, for your fast and helpful feedback :-).

Sorry, you are abolutely correct. It was my mistake.
Based on your explanation I was quickly able to understand what I did wrong.

From user perspective I would suggest to add to the screen some additional information to the usage of the screen more self explanating. Especially as the currently online help documentation is moreless text based.

Below please find a screenshot which might be also helpful for a future online help including pictures:

Other topic:
By the way, I like this overview because for me as a keyboarder this screen also allows me to make
screenshots for my scores to document how I did the keyboard-split. This allows me to make songs with compley keyboard-splits to reduce complexity because with such a screenshot I can see in 1 second during a gig which sound I can play at which keyboard-split-section. Especially in case of up to 5 splits which can be different from song to song.

Kind regards