BUG: Hide All Automation Shortcut closes Folders too

since 9.5 the “Hide All Automation” Shortcut which are defined in the Key Commands,
closes also now all open folders in the arrangement.
This was not before 9.5 and I guess this should not be as its usage is only for hiding automation lanes.

Please fix this, thanks.


I cannot reproduce this on my system. Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

made some more tests and it came out that you can replicate if you make some channels, use the macro
"“Selected tracks to new folder and add group channel”
with “outside folder” (so the new group channel is within the folder!)

and after this (with no automation on any channels inside the folder or on the group channel) - the hide all automation command will close this folder!


OK, I got it now.

Actually the Folder with the Group or FX Channel is collapsed, because the Group/FX Channel is just an automation channel, and the folder is the parent one, so it’s collapsed then.

All parents of any automation channels are collapsed, so even this folder is collapsed.