Bug: Holds and pauses are screwing up the condensing

Hello Dorico team,

If holds and/or pauses are present in your score, the automatic condensing choices stops making sense.

This is a screenshot of the flute content in the full score containing the holds and pauses while the condensing isn’t working as expected:

This is a screenshot of the flute content in the full score with the holds and pauses deleted while the condensing works as expected:

Hope this is helpful!

All the best! :slight_smile:

From the version history:

Holds and pauses. > Fermatas and caesuras are system-attached items and do not limit the maximum possible condensation result. The position of breath marks on all source staves must match; if they differ, the players cannot condense.

I guess perhaps those caesuras are responsible for limiting the maximum condensing result.

In this particular case, the system ends with the beginning of a phrase in Flute 2 ending with a breath mark, so that’s probably the cause for this particular case. Anyway, adding manual condensation changes gets me where I want, and it still beats every other notation software out there since only Dorico is capable of condensing at all. :sunglasses: