Bug - horizontal lines cannot be added using pref 'load pointer w/ item'

When specialized adding elements from the toolbars my preference is usually set to ‘Load pointer with item’ to make it easier for me to add multiples:

However just now I discovered an issue where Dorico is not allowing me to add horizontal lines this way. The white pointer appears (and I can see the line hovering with my cursor) but nothing happens when I click.

After switching the above preference toggle over to ‘Create item at selection’ horizontal lines will now add no problem.

Interestingly, either setting has no effect on vertical lines using the same method which will add just fine, which is why I am figuring this is a bug.

Running Dorico Pro on Mac M2 (Ventura 13.6.1)

In general, I find that this combination of settings allows me to create horizontal lines with no problems. The only issue I was able to uncover was that if the bar in which you’re clicking to create the line is completely empty (i.e. contains only a bar rest), Dorico fails to create the line in that bar.

If you’re finding another situation in which you’re unable to create a line by clicking when there is material in the bar, please provide further details.

Hi Daniel, thanks for responding. Well this is interesting, after playing around a little more I am discovering that it does work except for as you said on a bar with a rest (which I actually do need to do, to instruct a player to something specific across several measures rather than fill it with actual music); but also I am finding that it will also not work on a bar with music when both of the following parameters are true: 1. it’s the last bar of music in the flow, and 2. that bar only has one note in it, regardless of note value or rests (so whole notes included).

Let me know if you find this video useful, you can see toward the end my attempts to click on the last note, and at first it actually continues to stack them at the previous place; and then when I add an additional note to that bar, suddenly the horizontal line does work.

In case you are unable to reproduce this behavior on your end and it’s worth looking at my project file, here you go:

horizontal line test.dorico (431.5 KB)