BUG: How does solo/mute work with folders/group tracks?

When I put tracks in a folder (e.g. 8 individual mono tracks for a surround track), I expect that when I click the solo/mute button on the folder, all the tracks in the folder will also go to solo or mute. The same should apply to the group tracks to which I have routed the tracks. (For example, a 7.1 group track into which the individual mono tracks are grouped.) Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

The current project has two (almost) identical configurations: 8 mono tracks in each folder (folder “A” and “B”). The mono tracks from folder “A” are routed to a 7.1 group track. The tracks from folder “B” are routed to a 5.1 group track.
For instance, if I click on “solo” in folder “A”, all the tracks in that folder will also go to “solo”. The same applies to the 7.1 group track, which also switches to solo. Conversely, if I switch folder “B” to solo, only the folder will be switched to solo. The status of the tracks contained in the folder and the associated group track remain unchanged.

What secret mechanism am I missing? And yes, I know I can also link. But that means extra work, which I would rather avoid if it works easier. :blush: :innocent:

I have seen this and also posted about it. No answers yet.

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I’ve had this a couple times in the last few months. It feels like a bug to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s good to know that I’m not the only one. But of course it’s a shame that the problem exists.

I fear that this is a very old problem:

Unfortunately, the thread was closed without a solution. :cry:

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