BUG: I fix a misplaced dynamic and save. When reopening, it's misplaced again

Open the attached file to reproduce.

dorico bug.dorico (862.2 KB)

  • Copy all the dynamics of measures 5-8 of the first staff.
  • Paste them on the third staff.
  • The first piano is now correctly placed.
  • Save.
  • Close the program and reopen.
  • The piano is misplaced again.

It was happening both before and after today’s update.
It was driving me insane and I thought it was Google Drive not saving properly.


The problem is caused by the fact that your contralto staff (the one labeled “III.”) is using divisi. That is causing Dorico to get confused about the placement of that piano dynamic. I imagine that you are using divisi earlier in the piece, prior to the chunk you’ve attached here.

If you don’t need divisi after all, then you can clear this up by creating a new contralto instrument held by a new player and copying and pasting the material from the main III. staff to the new contralto staff, then removing the old one.

If you do need divisi, then you can obtain the placement you want by showing the caret on the final eighth subdivision of the bar where the p should appear, and creating the dynamic explicitly at that position. (You’ll then want to group it with the preceding dynamics to make sure it is vertically aligned with them, but to do that you’ll also need to unlink those dynamics from the ones on the soprano staff.)

Obviously this shouldn’t be necessary, and when we return to sort out some of the remaining issues with divisi, we’ll try to take a look at this kind of problem as well.


Okay, thank you!