Bug (I think) in the spelling of microtonal harmonics

There is (I think…though maybe someone is about to help me out here :slight_smile: ) a small bug in how Dorico spells microtonal harmonics (I can’t find a way to change this?). We could leave aside the technical discussion about which is correct [technically the second is actually wrong…] but the real hassle is that Dorico should favour the accidental which shows the correct interval (E.g. in the second harmonic here, the A should be A-natural-quarter-higher). No?

Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 15.01.28

In trying to fix this, I am able to hide the offending accidental BUT, I want to put the whole item in square brackets. Doing this does not work because I need to create and add my own accidental to the top note and there is not room within the square bracket. Is there a way to make more room?

I tried this out, and your first example (E 1/4 tone raised) works; but then a couple of other cello harmonics have funky enharmonic harmonics, which I wasn’t able to fix.

For the square brackets, I was able to move them in Engrave mode; does that work for you? I also changed the position of some accidentals by checking the Accidental column in Engrave properties.

This is extremely weird - am I doing something wrong in how I enter the harmonic? (See below?)
I am in “Equal Temperament (24-EDO)” and also in “Atonal” key signature…

Here is a file I started from scratch, where the accidentals are spelled correctly. It looks like your example starts in bar 63. Maybe there is some preceding context that is affecting the spelling? Have you tried starting this in a new flow?

I don’t think I’ve done anything to change the default 24EDO tonality system.

No, you’re not missing anything, I’m afraid: Dorico is doing the wrong thing here. I know it won’t be of a great deal of use to you today, but this problem will be fixed in Dorico 4.

Thanks Daniel, good to know it is in the works anyway! This is great to know it is in hand.
Do you know why Stephen and I are getting different results?? I will try changing the flow when back at my computer tomorrow.

I don’t know why you and Stephen are getting different results. I get the same results as you in a trivial case I constructed in Dorico 3.5. It’s possible there may be some contextual behaviour going on there but I’m not completely sure.