[bug] - importing SMT tempo track in existing sessions visual errors

Hi Guys,

So I did a recording session at Air on Monday - I tend to bring my own rig with Nuendo to record on, rather than pay extra for PT as I then have the hassle of AAF or manually importing a shedload of files and figuring out where everything goes.
During recording I use trackversions a lot and importing tempo tracks so I can use my main session as a sort of template and resave it with consecutive updated recordings.

Anyhoo, I use import tempo track a lot to load in any tempo and signature data, and what happens is that it will import it, and show it to be at the correct positions in the signature and tempo list in the inspector.
However, on the arrange page it looks like garbage - signatures are placed in the wrong positions, with multiple signature changes within a bar.
It would aso on occasions not import the tempo track, even though that’s what this file is supposed to be.
Loading the midi file instead seemed to import the correct tempo map.

It appears to be a mainly a purely visual issue, but one that can really throw in the panic when you’re recording a live session in an expensive studio.
I found that closing and re-opening the session usually did the trick, but I was able to re-produce this fairly often during the recording session.

Anyone aware of this bug?