[BUG in 5.1?] Multiple routing not saved with project

I rout an audio track to two group tracks at the same time for parallel processing.
After saving and reopening the project, routing setting are not preserved,
the audio track is routed to only one group.

can anyone confirm?

Just tried - seems ok here.

I am having the same problem only worse…when I change any automation or send setting the DR’s are beeing deactivated…I actually ended up automating them so that they turn on everytime I start the song which works most of the time BUT then out of the blue the don’t route anymore, the automation is forcing the DR to be activated but under the hood it’s turned off…

This is really frustrating

Are you sure you have ticked the button that allows you to route to multiple destinations?
Direct Routing.jpg

That was it, THANK YOU!!!

This was the first project for me using Direct Routing and I shift Clicked on both Outputs activating them…which probably shouldn’t work if that button is not selected…

In any case works like a charm now, thanks again!