[BUG in 5.1] unpredictable fx track / solo group

A group uses 3 sends, to 3 external fx tracks.
When I solo the group, two of those fx are soloed as well, one is muted.

for me, solo behavior in Nuendo is really unpredictable, what’s your experience?

is the send related to the muted FX return switched on ??

If not this is a normal behavior that the fx track goes mute

sure, the group track uses all three sends.
one of them gets muted while soloing the group track

There has been a known bug in Nuendo and Cubase for years that effects mutes and solo when automation is involved. It is especially apparent when using groups and effects groups. It drives me nuts and seems to be so deeply embedded in the code that they can’t get rid of it. For me it is the one and only reason to use pro tools. I love everything else about both of these applications. An example of my pain is when I solo a group buss and still hear other tracks not associated with that group playing audio. Sometimes when I un-solo a group the audio that should be playing on certain other tracks will not play until I manually toggle the mute button on the track.

And this is in version 5?

Agreed. Sometimes when I get stems, I get FX, sometimes not. Sometimes other tracks are soloed that are not part of the group, sometimes not. Wish Steinberg would focus on these little and long overdue bugs instead of a state of the art amp simulator.

Solo safe your effects return channels.

What do you mean?

alt/click the solo button of the track you don’t want to be effected. so the S turns into a D

this helps, thanks.
I still hope SB fixes this bug.

Well if this is still a bug I wouldn’t count on it…

There have been many comments about the solo/mute being broken and I would guess that the majority of the complaints stem from possibly just getting a slightly different result from one’s expectations as opposed to an actual bug.

Nuendo has 3 levels of solo (SIP, AFL, PFL) and with SIP it intelligently tries to open all the channels it thinks are necessary to have your sound as it would appear in the mix. Sometimes with “complicated” routing scenarios what you get and what you might expect can be different but not necessarily a bug. If you set things up as you might on a large format console (solo safe your effects returns, solo safe for particular groups, look at the preference “Group Channels: Mute Sources as well”) then you’re very unlikely to get unexpected solo/mute results.

The reason some other DAWs don’t exhibit these “issues” is because they simply do not have the intelligent SIP that Nuendo does - if you want something SIP soloed you have to manually ensure all the channels down stream are included in your solo.

this is a very good point, it doesn’t change the fact that solo functionality in Nuendo is buggy.

here’s what I did.

I toggled twice the pre/post fader button on the fx send on the problematic audio track, and magically this fixed it.
Now, good luck with looking for this sort of “hidden features” in a complicated mix.

If you try some of the suggestions I made I don’t think you will run into any “hidden features”. If you believe there is a valid bug please provide some steps to reproduce it (I couldn’t reproduce your issue on your first post) and it will get fixed.

Solo/Mute behavior has been f***ked up for a long time, so no surprises here.

Can you please provide a set of reproducible steps showing what you mean?

That’s the point, the solo-mute bug is quite random. I mean, I have projects with correct behaviors and projects with wrong behavior. How to reproduce it? Work with Nuendo and you’ll realize that sometimes the SOLO button does not solo also the output channel for no reason.

Do you work for Steinberg?

Can you please attach a project which exhibits the issues then? I don’t get any “random” behaviour in my sessions but I am also careful to eliminate a lot of the guess work for Nuendo.