Bug: In ARA-Mode the playback cursor ignores Cubases's latency compensation

This was already an issue in SL10. If you have several plug-ins in your chain that create a lot of latency, Cubase compensates that by waiting a short amount of time after you hit play. Cubases audio and its own playback cursor stay in sync perfectly but not so SL’s playback cursor in ARA mode. It starts running as soon as you hit play and is out of sync immediately.
Very annoying if you want to identify something specific in the spectogram and you’re not seeing what you’re hearing.


I have had to engage Constrain Delay Compensation when running SpectraLayers in ARA mode to try and reduce the impact of this bug.

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As this hasn’t been fixed in 11.0.10, is there any plan that this will be addressed in the next update? Makes working in ARA mode really tedious.

Yes, very annoying bug! We need this to be fixed, please Robin.

Another annoying thing I don’t know if it is a bug or a feature is that when we press play the cursor backs up a little bit, and starts playing a bit before the actual point we wanted, this also causes some confusion.
Robin, is this the desired behaviour? If so, what is the intent on it behaving like this? Thanks!

Yes, that is a problem when you try to check where a certain sound starts (or ends).

Another cursor bug I’m getting is the “return to start position on stop” is not working properly. Everytime it returns, it falls a bit further down the timeline, so I have to re-position it manually.
Anybody else getting this? It slows down the work quite a bit!

Will check all that.

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