Bug in bar number read-out in status bar

I’ve run across a bug in the bar number read-out in the status bar that’s kind of hard to reproduce. The attached minimal project shows the problem. The bug involves the bar number displayed in the status bar when you click on a dynamic.

The bug seems to require a specific set of steps to reproduce it. In the attached project I first created the initial pick-up bar, then added some bars, then added a local time signature in the first violin, then another hidden local time signature to get the two violins to line back up, then I created a divisi in the first violin. I then entered a note in the divisi section in the top stave and added a dynamic to it. When I click on the dynamic, the bar number read-out in the status bar is one bar too high, as though Dorico has forgotten about the pick-up bar (bar 0), but only for the dynamic. If you click on the note itself, the bar number read-out is correct. The other two staves are not affected by this bug — just the top stave.

I’ve experimented with this quite a bit, and the bug does not occur if the first bar is not a pick-up bar, and it does not occur if the local time signatures are not present, and it does not occur if music is entered in the non-divisi part before music is entered in the divisi part. As far as I can tell, it only happens if you follow the exact sequence of steps described in the paragraph above. Once the bug has been triggered, even notes entered before the divisi section are affected, as long as music was first entered after the start of the divisi.

One other observation not related to the bug. I seem to recall that in previous versions of Dorico, if you clicked on a grouped string of dynamics, the bar number read-out in the status bar would display the bar number range over which the string of dynamics occur. In Dorico 3.5, only the number of the first bar of the string is displayed, which can be unnerving if you happen to click on the terminal dynamic of the string several bars from the start of the string. It would be nice if the bar number range could once again be displayed in such cases.
Divisi Dynamic Bar Number.dorico.zip (558 KB)

Well, now I’m not so sure the order in which notes are input has anything to do with this. I was just able to trigger the bug inputting notes into the non-divisi section first (although earlier today it seemed to not trigger it). It definitely appears, though, that three ingredients are required to trigger the bug: a pick-up bar, a local time signature, and a divisi section.