Bug in Copy & Paste staves

In my workflow I need to copy the content of entire staves from one open Dorico project to another, the usual way: Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, activate other project, then Ctrl-V at the beginning of the stave. It takes only seconds for the paste operation to conclude. However, I just discovered that I am missing 7 bars in the new project, in every stave/system of every instrument, and the whole musical piece is 7 bars short. These bars do exist in the stave I am copying from. This must be a bug in the paste routine, since it happens consistently, in my case at bar 121, which skips to 128. Attached screen dumps illustrate what happens, including an erratic bar numbering. Daniel, could your team have a look at this? My score is unworkable. - Thanks and BTW, LOVE Dorico!

Hi rene-d,

Sorry you’re experiencing this problem. I’m afraid without seeing the actual Dorico project file to reproduce the problem (ideally in a reduced file that also demonstrates this) I won’t be able to look at the issue. Could you send me (or Daniel) the project file? I’ll send you a PM with my email address.


We would certainly need to see the score, so please do send it to us, but another way of taking the contents of one flow into another project is to use File > Import > Flows, which allows you to import a flow from another project. I’d be interested to know if that exhibits the same problem.

Thank you Daniel for your looking into this and, yes, I did send Stefan the full score. The option of importing a flow (after saving an .xml file as a Dorico project) is an extra step and it doesn’t suit my goal (see below). The score is correct, though, as is the XML file, nothing wrong with that. The bug must be in the pasting routine!

As a DAW composer, for whom the score is more at the end of the workflow, I have a significant need for updating the parts for individual instruments by pasting the changes in the stave for that instrument from a, by Cubase generated and exported MusicXML file. Ideal would be when I could directly import XML into an existing stave (without creating a new project or a new flow and without having to switch between them at an aggravating slow pace), pasting over or replacing the previous version. The simplest solution, seems to me, would be a new option “Import MusicXML to Clipboard” and paste from there wherever the content is needed.

A general observation: for DAW (Cubase 9) composers like me, Dorico is a lifeline that enables us to deliver professional scores, while not using Dorico as our prime composition tool. I hope that your team will keep the needs of DAW composers front en center in your minds!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Stefan has sent me your score and your MusicXML files and I have been taking a look at them. I need to check further into what’s going on, and I will come back to you when I can.