bug in cubase 5 & 6

i have tested this on 5.52(or last 5 update) and 6

So it wont let me post as a bug. But its simple to test:

I am an electronic music producer so I have a terrabyte drive dedicated to samples and loops and all that jazz…
The whole terrabyte isnt full of samples but its over 300gig worth.

As i started indexing them in mediabay, i noticed, that certain load times went from instantaneous to slightly slower as i indexed more and more sample files and folders.

for instance, when i load a cubase vst, and i click on the preset drop down menu, all the presets (when there were less samples indexed) would appear in the box and be selectable instantly, now that i have much more samples indexed, the preset menu will show a few of the presets, then the little icon in the right corner will begin to animate meaning it is reading/loading. Then after a short annoying while all the other presets appear in the preset box.

Its not a massive dindrence, but it is slightly irritating waiting for the presets to load when your in the zone working on a track.

is this not a bug? can it be fixed? will it be fixed in the next updates?

So are you saying that as the data base gets larger things take longer to find or take longer to load after they have been found?


yes. even the samples in the media bay take longer to load. i mean its not much of a problem, but my pc is pretty specced out, i spent the cash on it to be as quick as i could get. These apx 5 second delays do annoy you when you need them to load quicker.

Anyone else out there have a massive sample set not getting this problem?

jpetrou’s observation does not appear to be platform specific as far as C6 and C5.5.3 is concerned. I’ve noticed this since upgrading to C6 on my Macs. Never noticed it on C5.5.2 until I read this.

If you want to test it, open GrooveAgentOne and load a preset. Then load another. On C6, You can see the empty list taking about a second or two to scan the database and reload the selection. In C5.5.3, the delay is noticeable but about twice as fast as C6. And yes, it is annoying. Since the function actually works (albeit slowly), I wouldn’t categorize it as a full blown bug…but it certainly is a buglet that needs optimization.

Might I suggest retitling the thread to include the phrase: Media Bay?

Hey jpetrou,

All these problems here & more!

Drives you nuts doesn’t it?!



Erm. How fast should it be then? And what else does it faster? Being a bit slow is not a bug.
Try defragging your drives as if you’ve installed any large program or large sample library controlled by software then that will slow things down a lot. And Windows, by some accounts is not a good defragger so you could consider a commercial app like Diskkeeper.
Always when you’re in the zone eh? Lucky man. When I’m in the zone the doorbell or the phone always rings. :mrgreen:

Hi Conman,

the import audio function is a lot faster but it won’t let you have your track running in the background.

Also, Kontakt is much faster at previewing the samples.

I bought & love Halion 4 ( I prefer it to Kontakt) & was hoping I could use it at the same speed as i load samples & use Kontakt but media bay is way too slow in comparison, which is very annoying.

I’m sure it will be fixed soon, well I hope so!



What have you set for the mediabay prefs and “select defined browser location”. These settings may have a drastic effect on your loadtimes. I also notice from other forums that Kontakt has had some DAW communication issues. Whether they’ve fixed them recently I can’t say.

I have the maximum amount for items shown & just have the only scan when media bay is open ticked. The others are unticked.

I only have the folders & drives ticked that I need etc