Bug in EQ Channel Settings Window - focus stuck Cubase 11

From the project window click on the e symbol in any channel. Now go to Channel settings window and click on any one of the EQ controls. Drag the node (number in a circle) as far down, up or sideways as it will go (i.e. drag the mouse a bit further). Then try to click on the project window - the focus is stuck on the settings window.
Windows 10
I’ve checked the behaviour on Cubase 10.5 - it works fine.
Bug confined to Cubase 11


I cannot reproduce it here (but I’m on Mac). Could you please make a video screen recording and attach a link here? Just to make sure, I’m not missing something. Thank you.

I’m on windows and I can reproduce. The window remains stuck until you click somewhere inside the graph, then it’s back to normal.
I had something similar recently with midi note parameters in key editor, maybe it’s related (maybe not though).
(Midi Volume Mouse Click&Drag stops working after pointer leaves window - #4 by Friede)


Thank yo ufos the link. I think, they are related.

FIXED - I am happy to report that in the new update 11.1.10 the prblem has been fixed.



Cubase 11.0.10. :wink:

niiiice :slight_smile:
and thanks for the reminder I hadn’t installed that one yet, will do now