[Bug] In expression maps, length value gets stored in the transpose field


I think the Expression map editor is not behaving right regarding the Length field. Whenever I type a value there, it gets stored in the Transpose value (divided by 100) as soon as I hit OK or switch back and forth to another expression map. That is, if I type 200, the transpose value becomes 2, if I type 300, the transpose value becomes 3, etc. I enclose a video to show what I mean.


expression maps bug.zip (312 KB)

Yes, the ‘Length’ field is not yet implemented: this data is imported from the Cubase expression maps if you import them, but it’s not used by Dorico for playback.

OK, nice to know! Not that I need it actually, so for me it’s fine for now.
Thanks Daniel.

Am I right in thinking that length hasn’t yet been implemented in expression maps? Just tried to change length in an expression map and when I came out and went back in, it seemed to have adjusted the transposition values.

That’s correct. It’s not implemented yet, but it’s on our list.

Thanks for the clarification.