Bug in filesaving

I found a bug regarding saving of files.

I have an aif file and a wav file in the same map and record the analog bounce (record what is played back to just get the analog bounce) and I want to save it to a renamed file.
So file name is track01.wav and I want to save it as track01 (analog23-3).wav. I can select the wav file from the save menu and rename it and click save. No problem.
When I want to do the same with the aif file, it doesn’t show up, just the wav files. Simply said, It just shows wav files no aif on win7 x64 when it comes to saving. I think it’s because the newly recorded file is now a wav file, but I want the file name of the aif file with added (analog 23-3) and save that as a .wav.

This used to work in all previous versions of wavelab

Right. This is to be fixed. However, the file is correctly saved in the expected AIFF format.

Yes, file is indeed a workimg, correct aif file.
Well… I can open it, play it master it so I assume it’s ok. :sunglasses:

Would be great if it was fixed!

Hi PG, it looks like this is not fixed in the 9.0.2 update. It still doesn’t show the AIF file in save as, just wav files.

Are you sure? How do you do to reproduce, then?

In the audio files window, I record a new file (record what is played back) from a aif file which is played back. This file will ofcourse be a wav file once recorded. Then I click save as, and since I want the same filename as the aif source, but just with (mastered 13-6) after the file name. I can see and select wav files, but the aif files don’t show up. In pre WL9 this used to work for aif and wav.
Why I do this, is because I want the filename to be exactly the same but just with an added text (mastered date) behind it.
This is on win7 x64

If you select AIFF as file type, you only see AIFF files in the list. This is normal. I understand you expect to see WAV files too?

Yes I understand. It’s just that before it showed aif and wav files at the same time, now you have to switch and do extra handling.
What I do now as a workaround, is open windows-explorer, click rename file and copy/paste the filename of the aif into WL save as and type the (mastered date) after it.
It used to be a lot easier :wink:

Did you already look into this PG? What about a show all (audio) files option?

Well, I don’t remember any WaveLab version where it worked as you describe. If you chose to save in a given format, only the files with the proper extension are displayed. This is so in most application, audio or not.

It used to work this way in all pre WL9 versions.

Da Goose, I think I see what you’re talking about with the WL9 save defaults. If you go to Global Preferences and select “Open Quick File Selector When Saving Files” I think you’ll get the file pulldown you’re used to from Wavelab 8. It seems to show aif and wav (and all other types of files, which might be useful for naming) in the save folder, if you use the little multi-page pulldown there.

Thanks! That was indeed helpful :slight_smile:

thanks, that answered my question :slight_smile: