Bug in flow names - or am I missing something?

Just worked on a composition containing two flows. I renamed the flows in the setup menu, but in the project window the name of the first flow remained as was. Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

I think there are two different names that a flow could have. I’m not sure which should be displayed where but there is a Flow Title and I think that there is a Flow Name. Perhaps this has something to do with it?

I see Leo is responding and so I will stop typ…

If you’ve edited the Flow Title within Project Info, it is no longer connected to the Flow Name shown in the bottom panel of Setup mode. This is intentional - it makes it possible to label e.g. different versions of the same (duplicated) flow for internal use, without showing those labels on the page.

If you wish to restore the default link, so that what you type in the bottom panel of Setup mode is reflected in Project Info and on the page, you can do so by going to Project Info, deleting whatever’s in the Flow Title field and OKing the dialog.

If you’ve previously edited the title on the page by double-clicking on the page itself and editing what’s there, you’ve likely removed the {@flowTitle@} token, so no amount of fiddling in Setup mode will make any difference to what’s on the page. Either put the {@flowTitle@} token back on the page, or, in Engrave mode, right-click the relevant page in the Pages panel at the top right corner and Remove Page Overrides.

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thanks pianoleo & Daniel for the quick replies! I understand now what was going on, that’s perfect for me! :slight_smile: