bug in mastersection

I found a bug in the master-section which sometimes occurs, don’t know what triggers it. At first I thought it was an incident, but I had it for 3 times now.
In some kind of way, after a period of time it’s not possible to right click on a pluginn in the master-section and remove it or change the order.
All you do is bypass the pluginn, but nothing else, like it’s locked but it is not.
You really have to restart WL9.5 to get it working again.

What OSX version?

Win10X64 :slight_smile:

When this happens, if you left click on this button, does it help?

I have to double check when it happens again, but as far as i rememember that also didn’t bring up the mastersection options.
In WL 9 I didn’t have this issue before and I just started using 9.5 since the 9.5.15 update, so I don’t knon if it ws there in 9.5 already or not.

ok… having the same issue again as we speak. I made a movie and put it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN5gHRfdUO0&feature=youtu.be

Thanks for the video. Next time, please think of trying the Left button on the button I showed you.
Also, when this happens, do other right-click menus work or not? (anywhere in WaveLab).

I can confirm that also right cliciing something in the processing tab like loudness also doesn’t work, left click works, right click does. But right clicking in the wav file itself opens all options like it should be. So it’s not just the master section. It happens multiple times a day, pretty annoying… :frowning:

Anyone else experiencing this? It’s driving me nuts…

I saw once such a report. The problem was caused by the presence of a running Firefox. Could it be your case?

I do have google chrome open, because there is where my planning for my mastering is.
i will try with chrome closed and see how it behaves.

Google chrome should not be a problem, as I have it opened all the time. Firefox was mentioned.
But if not Firefox, maybe another app.

Indeed, google chrome closed didn’t change anything. There are no other opened/active apps, just wavelab.
I also just found out that also the buttons for opening files/montage/badge or make a new file, don’t work either, also left mousebutton (so not just a right mousebutton error). So it’s way more complex then just the mastersection, a lot of functions simply stall/don’t function.

One thing comes to my mind is that i’m using it with a different folder for presets and settings then the default one, also on a seperate drive.
But this never has been a problem for me so far.
Could that be the case and what is the solution?

One thing comes to my mind is that i’m using it with a different folder for presets and settings then the default one, also on a seperate drive.
But this never has been a problem for me so far.
Could that be the case and what is the solution?

I don’t think so. What do you think is the last thing you do, before the problem happens?

The last thing I did was start using the 9.5 version (9.5.15 that is) because the 9.5 version didn’t work for me.
I also changed a setting so that the master-section is now on the left side of my main screen, at first it was on another screen. But i’m almost certain that I had this issue also when I had it with the previous settings.

What i did now, is delete all settings/prefs and first started without any prefs. then I moved the pref folders (just mastersection presets and things) back again. So basically a fresh start. maybe something with the upgrade from 9 caused it? so far so good, but I didn’t actually work in it. Fingers crossed…

The resetting of th prefs didn’t work. I just had this error again, but differently now. i coul still us ethe right click function in the master-section, but now clicking the ‘open’ button (so left click) in a file group didn’t work. I had to close wavelab completely to solve the issue.
It’s really drivung me nuts!

The big question is why this happens on your system? Windows 10 up to date I guess? Anything special.
Please recall me your setup.

With Win10 x64 it might be related to your graphics drivers. I spent about 3 months (after some unwanted Windows update) until i found that periodic, as in not not always, dropouts and stutters with an RME USB audio interface with Cubase, Wavelab and even playback with Youtube, were indirectly coming from outdated AMD Radeon drivers. Never really thought that could be the cause, but some Windows expert tipped me off, and also said: use basic drivers only, and especially DON’T use any gamer acceleration settings. PS NVIDEA seems worse than AMD regarding graphics issues. - General tip: switch off windows update in services.msc, and let an external software suss out the really necessary ones. I use 360 Total Security for the latter, and still have a stable OS for quite a while now. - F

I also have the the windows update service disabled, works like a charm! I also just use my DAW as a DAW and for transferring masters through wetransfer, for the rest nothing else. But I must admit that quite recently I updated win10 (by enabling the service again) and it might be that the drivers of my videocard where also updated. (AMD radeon R7 250). Just installed the drivers directly from the site itself and so far so good (ok… 1.5 hours that is).
So let’s see what that does for me!