Bug in MIDI LIST Editor - Data values are unreachable

Data (1/2) values in the MIDI LIST Editor are unreachable

Problem 1:
Clicking into a Data field opens a drop down list.
This list is not scrollable, not with keys nor mouse.
So, the values below the lower screen boader are not reachable.
Only values picked from the drop down list are stored.

Problem 2:
If you type in a value in the Data field with the keyboard it seems to be ok.
But if you click into another Data field the drop down list appears again.
In the moment when the drop down list closes the typed in Data, even in other rows, automatically resets to the former stored value!

This makes it impossible to store values in a Data field higher then last visible value in the drop down list.
This seems to be a bug in the visual components of the MIDI LIST Editor’s programming framework.

… it’s a bug, sorry. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.


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