Bug in Nuendo 13 Variaudio

  1. In Nuendo 13 select all notes in Variaudio in a track, and transpose up 3 semitones.
  2. Join or Glue two adjacent notes, and they do join, but then they transpose back down the same 3 semitones, instead of just joining.

Isn’t this expected behaviour?
IIRC, when you join or cut notes they go back to the original, because the changes were performed on a different curve than after cutting or joining them.

Variaudio isn’t the best tool for transposing audio. You can apply the transpose proces first, and then use Variaudio for correction (in which case, the behavior you described is desireable.)

No, this behavior is erratic.

If you select two notes and transpose up 2 semitones, and then simply join the two notes, they should just join. Not be transposed back down 2 semitones.

Well I disagree. This is useful when you are checking for consonant sounds that were tuned by mistake. When you cut them from the note, they just go back to their unprocessed state.