Bug in Nuendo 7.1.40. New video engine - new bug.

I found a bug! Nuendo 7.1.40 spoils the beginning of the file when you import audio from a video file.

What do you mean by “spoil”? Can you be more specific?

the first two seconds of the sound file corrupted dropout on Windows 10-64

Same here. I have never experienced something like that before 7.1.40

Yup, can happen with crappy mp4 or H264 files.
They are looking into it.

But I can’t stress enough that only a few codecs are good enough to work with video.
(And that goes for ALL DAW’s)

Photo Jpeg.

Any other codec can -and probably will- cause you troubles. Both in performance and accuracy.
So, convert your video first and then import audio.


So it’s restricted to mp4 and H264?

Since I updated I have huge problems with the Videos.
the companies Im working with send only MP4 in H264…its heavy, glitchy slow…what not


I think SB announced it will be the last update for 7. Do you think the 7 will stay with this problem?


Im sorry but after going through another project, the video engine is very bad, unusable.
Steinberg, do something please!

I’m curious as to whether or not you all have converted to another codec and then tried the video? I haven’t had luck with MP4’s ever so I have always converted to ProRes. john

I can only convert on my mac. My main is PC and I can find good alternative for converting,
Can someone recommand on a good converting tool for PC?

XMedia Recode is the very best.


Beside being an old man…I have other more important crap to worry about…so I remain at status quo…N 7.1.30 with the QT engine. Can’t say I come across any showstopping issues.
This is our main tool, so stay put at whatever combination of OS and DAW works best would be my choice.
FWIW… :wink:

So true. I might go back to the 7.1.35 - and stay there for a while. I really want to try the 8.1 with those new features but the “price” is too high.

Thank you Fredo.
I will try it. Is there any other format that will work easily with the new engine? Other than NDxHD

As said:

Apple ProRes
Photo Jpeg