Bug in Pro 9.5: Apply 'Reverse' in audio clip twice to make it work


To apply an Audio function from the main menu in C 9.5 :

-Audio> Processes> Reverse… Then the pop-up appears asking if I want a new version of the file, click yes…then nothing! No reverse effect applied.

So I have to do it again!!:
-Audio> Processes> Reverse… and bam! it works…

What’s the matter? Any ideas?

Win 10, PC is new with 128Gb of DDR 4 ram, a fresh install of everything…

Thank you



I was able to reproduce, but I cannot reproduce it anymore.

Could you try to trash your preferences, please?

Using variaudio on a clip and then using DOP results in same issue, until you do it a few times then it works again.
Something is wrong with order the temp-files are processed is my guess.

  1. take an audio part and move a few notes around in Variaudio.
  2. DOP reverse or Fade In/Out, to have something visual.
  3. Variaudio analyses the audio again, as it was changed by the DOP.
  4. Audio is back to what it was before the DOP.

Thanks Peakae and Martin for your replies, I did not trashed my preferences. However the problem happens now and since the last 24 hours. Sometimes it works at first try, sometimes I have to apply the effect again … That might be an issue from newer projects then, bc with older projects it seems to work (*well…not all the time) …

That was fixed with last update 9.5.30 !

9.5.10 yes improved i would say.
But still wonky, just today I had a shared audio event that would not sample convert.