Bug in the Audio Playback

I’ve just opened Dorico for the first time in a month, but when I tried to write something on it, the playback was not only bad in terms of quality (piano sounded like a clavinet sample in the 90s) but also the tempo and time signatures were completely messed up. I tried restarting the computer mulptiple times, check the driver (mac) and every audio setting but it didnt help. What should I do?

Please load a project and then do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report. That puts a zip file on your Desktop, please attach it to a reply here. Thanks

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (570.0 KB)
here you go

Thanks for the data. I had a look through but nothing sprang immediately into my eye, looks all pretty normal to me, at least from the audio engine side.
Is that happening with every project, old or newly created one? Could you please check in the Play mode the routing of the players to the individual slots of HALion Sonic SE? Is that all correct?
And how about HALion Sonic SE, if you open the editor window, do the sound patches for each slot load correctly?

this is happening with old projects as well. the routing on the play mode seems to be normal as well as the patches. at this point I can’t really use dorico any more.

Can you upload an example file? And define “messed up”?

Which piano did you use? The Yamaha S90ES Piano in the HALion library is perfectly serviceable.

Are you saying that the sounds are worse than they used to be, or you just don’t think they are particularly good?

It’s fair to say that the bundled library is “OK” – but if you want something better, there is a world a sample libraries out there; and Dorico is designed to work with them very well.

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Is it possible that the sample rate is set incorrectly? Have a look in Edit > Device Setup and try changing the sample rate setting there.

as a daily user of dorico, I would say the audio quality Im getting right now is far below the standard that Ive been used to. The problem is that the audio is almost sped up twice the actual speed, but the rate of the playback is changing constantly

no the sample rate is as it used to be

the audio file once exported sounds correct

Usually the wrong speed of playback is caused by a mismatch of sample rates between Dorico and the sound device.

Is the actual “quality” of the sound “bad” – or is it just at the wrong speed.?

Are you on Windows or Mac? (Windows seems to have various driver configuration complications.)

Other things you can check. When I bought a new computer, sound quality was bad but it turned out my Neuman headphones weren’t all the way plugged in. Banged my head for over an hour trying to figure it out as I kept thinking it was something else.

so the bug actually is fixed but now the playback is like microtonal, half a semitone down as it should be sounding. i dont knwo why this keeps happening but i cannot work with that at all

Usually, when something is about a semitone off, it means that there is a conflict in sample rates between the program and the computer sound drivers. Set both to 44.1K or both to 48K.

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Hi @Phil_Kougias ,
Derrek is right. The easiest way to achieve that is by invoking Edit > Device Setup and in there change to a different sample rate, wait for 5 seconds and change it back to the original one. That should bring everything back in sync.