Bug in the off line editor

Every now and then i come across this issue.
In the off line editor i highlight a section of audio and apply some gain reduction (for example). i then chose another region and do like wise. i can work my way through the audio clip. This works how its supposed to.
Sometimes i cant adjust another region. I can highlight/select it, but when i click on the required adjustment, nothing happens. Then when i click in the window the selection jumps back to the previous range and adjusts that instead.
This means sometimes im getting multiple processes happening on the same region. in fact when this is happening i can only adjust one region, the first one. i then have to close the editor down and re open it. sometimes i have to re start CB for this to clear.
I use the off line editor a lot and this is starting to slow me down.
im on the latest CB 11 Pro, but it was happening before the last update as well.
Windows 10.