Bug in time signature sizes?

I encountered a possible bug in size & positions of the time signatures, which I could reproduce in a new file. Starting with the default setting, (showing time signatures on every staff) > Layout Options > Show once per bracket > Apply > Show at system object positions > Apply . Return to Show on every staff > Apply.
Resulting in some of the time signatures (not all of them) are showing on the staff ánd on system object position.
btw Save and re-open the file and everything is fine…
Schermafbeelding 2022-02-10 om 10.18.59

I’m unable to reproduce this in a freshly-created project, Douwe. If you have a project that reproduces this on demand, could you please attach it here together with the steps required to reproduce the problem?

A slightly related situation. Is there any way to configure full scores to show the time signatures only on sections where they will be full sized? The tiny time signatures in the Harp and Keyboards (and even the limited percussion) seem more of a distraction, since a conductor’s eyes would naturally gravitate to the full size time signatures. If hiding the smaller time signatures only in the score is not currently possible, could such an option be considered for the future?

timeSigQuestion.dorico (798.7 KB)

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I was able to reproduce this in a new score two days ago, but now I can’t either…so it looks like a false bug alarm

@Derrek, I would suggest setting the option Instruments between brass and strings to Treat as single bracket, if you haven’t already. This option is found on the Time Signatures page of Engraving Options.


Thank you: that worked perfectly.

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@dspreadbury Because someone on FB stumbled upon the same thing, I tried again to reproduce this. Now I can. Can’t upload a file here however (I get a message that the file size must be greater than or equal to 1)…

You can send the file to me directly via email if you like, to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Be sure to include some context about what you’re sending me and why – I get a lot of email and I sometimes struggle to remember what I’m supposed to be looking at in any given case!