Bug in truncate to shortest duration option?

See this short video… why do the ties show up?

Thanks for this - I can reproduce the problem here. We’ll take a look.

@Richard_Lanyon - btw… was this a new feature in 4? Or had I completely overlooked it in prior versions ?

Also… do you have an eta when your team will be able to determine when it may be addressed?

The notation option has been present in Dorico for a long time, but this bug in updating the score is new in v4. It’s only temporary - if you save, close and reopen the score then the ties will be gone again - so the problem will be something to do with the way that the score is updated when making an edit. I am afraid I don’t have an ETA for when it will be fixed.

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Ah… that’s helpful. I will then use the feature but not worry so much about the temporary notation.

Related… I was unable to find a “Jump” command to attempt to quickly toggle on/off this setting… am I overlooking, or are certain settings simply not able to be changed w/ a jump command?

There’s a jump bar command for opening each Options dialog, but there isn’t a jump bar command for every single option within that dialog.