Bug: Incorrect slice pad cut-off warning

I think this happened after reloading the kit into a slot, and I’m pretty sure it’s incorrect. When I made this slice kit, this overlap/cut-off warning that an array of slices has been cut short by another array of slices-per-pad was not there… and I’m pretty sure it’s in correct because nothing seems to be getting cut short when I play the patterns

Glad I’m figuring these issues out on simple Campana parts :smiley:

I haven’t had this occur again, but I’ve been avoid doing some of my previous actions such as re-positioning patterns from where GA automatically places them when creating slices. I’ve just been letting GA place them and not touching them after.

So either it was user error, or the problem is within what I am avoiding doing I think, and maybe saving/loading kits is a variable that is part of it.