BUG: Incorrect Track Length Displayed in Marker List

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 (Build 1904)
Wavelab 11.1.20 (Build 62)

Hi there,

I’ve discovered a bug where one track in an Audio Montage (for producing a CD DDP) is showing the incorrect track length, even though the markers are in the correct place and the track length should be shorter. The length of one track shows correct in the “CD” tab, but incorrect in the “Markers” tab.

I’m unsure how to replicate the error, but this is what I did in the project:

  1. Imported 8 audio tracks.
  2. Dragged the tracks end-to-end (so there are no gaps).
  3. Used the CD Wizard to create “CD Track Markers” at the track boundaries and nothing more. No other options selected.
  4. Checked the track lengths in the “Markers” tab while inputting metadata - one track showing as 28 mins instead of 8 mins length. All other track markers are correct, including their start and end times.
  5. Exported the marker list as a text file - the same incorrect track length for one of the tracks is present. It shows roughly 28 mins instead of roughly 8 mins for one of the tracks. All other tracks show the correct length, and all tracks have the correct start and end locations displayed. Just the track length is off by about +20 mins.

I can zip up and provide the project for analysis if need be.

Cheers, Jim.

Yes please

Is there any way I can send the project in private so that the link isn’t visible to the public?