[BUG] Insert Routing Pre/Post Fader dependent

I got a rather annoying bug (already happens in N8).

The Routing of the Inserts always gets reset to default after opening a Project when in “Post Fader” Mode.

In my case:
I have a 5.0 Dialog Group with lots of Plugins. Some of them Pre Fader, some of them Post Fader. I use Waves WNS for example only on the Center Channel (because Waves Plugins can only be Mono or Stereo).
When using it Prefader the Routing in the Routing Editor gets saved and remembered when closing and opening the Project.
When using it Postfader the Routing in the Routing Editor gets forgotten and the WNS is routed to the Left Channel.

Can anyone confirm on this?


I cannot reproduce it here. I have tried with an internal Compressor plug-in.

Could you try with an internal plug-in (for a test), please? Could you try in Nuendo Safe Start Mode, please?

Could you attach some screenshots?