Bug: Instantiating SL6 as ARA2 plugin results in wrong samplerate output

Finally had some time getting an evaluation license of SL6 which looks promising!

But I found a real showstopper, unfortunately. If I instantiate the ARA2/VST3 plugin on a file that has a different samplerate than the host (so the host is resampling the file on the fly), the SL6 plugin will output and handle the file as if it was running at the hosts samplerate. For instance, if I have a 192kHz file from my library in a 48kHz project, SL6’s output will sound like a cassete played back way too slow. Also the timeline representation of the file in the host and the SL6 plugin are out of sync. See the attached screenshot where the playhead’s position doesn’t match the position of the content on both timelines.

Win10 x64, Reaper 6 x64, Spectral Layers Pro 6.0.30

Thanks for reporting - unfortunately sounds like a host issue rather than a SL bug, but will try to repro with Reaper.

Thanks for your response. However, it seems to be a bug in Spectral Layer 6 and not the host because the ARA2 plugin Melodyne handles this scenario without any issues.

Hey Robin, were you able to reproduce this?

Any news on this?