Bug(ish): Galley view staff labels overlaying single line percussion

Surely this isn’t how this should be rendering? There’s plenty of room to offset the labels so they don’t overlay the notation.

This is especially bad because it makes the tip of the flags look like dots.

The rhythm in the first bar is 8r 8 16r 16, but I doubt any of you got it on the first guess.


I only have a single monitor setup, so this is really rather annoying me at the moment - I have my screen split in two more or less vertically, dorico on one half, and the score I’m copying from on the other.

This doesn’t help with the overlay issue, but if you want to make them shorter you can rename the player to something shorter - the bit before the colon is the player name, the bit after is the instrument name. So if you rename the player to just “Perc” the label will at least be shorter. (And you can reset the player name back to its default later if you want.)

This was discussed recently in another thread.