Bug Issue: Offline Processing

This happens in both Nuendo and Cubase, I was browsing for a quick fix but I can’t see anything so I thought I’d report it and see if anyone else has the same issue or a way to resolve it in case I’m being silly.

When I’m using the offline processing tool, it sometimes decides to not scale the GUI properly, which leaves me unable to access the controls. The issue happens mostly when I recall a stored preset from the bank tab. I can normally work around it by closing out and reopening a few times, and it eventually scales properly.

My guess is that it’s not reading the vector size of the plugin for some reason. If the window was manually scaleable you could rescale it yourself which could be handy, or maybe a refresh GUI button where it could check the plugin vector size again.

I’m working from an iMac system using the High Sierra OS.

The issue happens with 3rd party plugins, in this case it was by using the Eiosis EQ. I can replicate the issue by loading any plugin, then making the following plugin in the chain Eiosis EQ. Or loading the Eiosis EQ then adding another plugin to the chain, when I go back to the Eiosis EQ the issue will occur.

Example Screen Capture Image