Bug/Issue: Playback won't stop

Spacebar will start playback but I can’t get it to stop.

Tried manually stopping from the transport menu, and that doesn’t work either.

All that happens is, the playback resets back a couple milliseconds but continues playing.

Windows 7 64bit, Cubase 10.0.3

using it via ARA2 on a stereo clip, 88.2khz 32bit.

Which unfortunately, makes it unusable for me

Thanks for reporting, never heard of that issue before but will try to repro here,

It’s semi intermittent. %90 reproducible here. You have to have the lower zone focused and maybe do a bit maneuvering or locating within ARA2/Spectralayers.

Would you be able to record a video of it ? (possibly indicating at which timings you pressed the spacebar)
For tricky issues like this one (which I might not be able to easily repro), micro details in a video can be revealing.
thanks !

Sure I can do that

Hey Robin, I PM’d you. Thanks for responding, this is very very cool software and I’m very excited to use it on some projects coming up in which this software is perfect for. I will be using the standalone, FYI, just tested, this problem is not happening in the standalone.

Thanks, pretty explicit video! Will look into that.

Do you know if there will be hot fixes before Cubase 10.0.4?

I don’t know when’s the next patch for Cubase, but it should not be too long before the first patch for SL is released. Sorry I can’t be more precise at this point - stay tuned :slight_smile:

I’m espectrally excited

I sent you a PM to get more technical informations about the issue, unfortunately I can’t repro it on our side.

I also am experiencing this issue, and frankly I agree with PleaseDontBanMe, it makes the software almost unusable. The only way I can get playback to stop is to change focus back to Cubase and hit space or click the stop on the Cubase transport. You wouldn’t think this would be a big deal, but my muscle memory is programmed to automatically hit spacebar to stop, and it is very disorienting/irritating to have it jump back to start position and replay repeatedly (because my stupid finger is repeatedly hitting the spacebar to make it stop).

It’s caused by Cubase locator loop being on. turn it off and it should be fine…

Apparently they are aware of the issues and it will be fixed in the next update… but I really really think this needs a hotfix asap.

Update…If I position the mouse pointer where I want playback to start and left click while holding the Ctrl key, playback starts until I release the mouse, and then it stops…mo betta! The transport issue is still a major deal for trying to hear stuff in context with other tracks, but at least I can now start actually trying to experiment with the software without, you know, wanting to kill myself.

Just saw your post PleaseDontBanMe (hereafter referred to as PDBM). You’re right, that fixes the issue (sort of). Still needs to be fixed though (looping is kind of a big deal), but now I’m happier! Looking forward to mangling my audio in new and interesting ways!

There’s likely a few other transport issues you will find

-Return to Start on Stop doesn’t work
-Loop Selection doesn’t work

For the sake of clarity, ctrl+click is equivalent to using the playback tool in SL : it plays local (SL) content. So it plays the layers you’ve imported, and it plays the spectral selection if there’s a spectral selection active. If you set SL to loop, it will loop SL selection range.
Notice than when using local playback, only SL playhead moves, not Cubase’s. It’s quite similar to Melodyne in that instance.

This is different from host playback, where the host (Cubase) controls playback, and plays all the regions, not just SL’s, and without taking into account SL selection/loop range.

Same issue here! I’m on windows 10 and I’m currently just running it as ARA2 inside Cubase 10.

Seems to work fine in the standalone application for me… it’s just the ARA2 part that I have trouble pausing/stopping.