BUG: jumping from part to score view is lost

I think this must be a bug in Layout mode:

when I am in the parts and have selected any object, and then press “w” in order to jump to the score, Dorico shows me some random part of the score, but not the part, where I find this selected object, and it unselects the object.

Unlike in write mode, where when I go from the part to the score Dorico perfectly centers my view on the object that I had selected.

Can one change this, so that it is working for both modes?

(PS: Its the same, when I gor from Score to Part)

Do you mean Engrave mode? It works for me. Are you using Dorico 4.0.20?

Sorry, yes I mean engrave mode (in German its “Notensatz”) I use 4.0.2 but it does not work for me

How many full scores do you have? I think this w shortcut for the counterpart works reliably when there’s one full score and individual parts.

yes thats true, always when one has more than one tabs opened, then suddenly its buggy and the “w” command doesnt work any more.
I hope although that this will be corrected soon, as its very common to have several tabs opened when layouting big scores

I have wondered whether it might someday be possible for W to simply switch to another tab, if there is one with the destination part or score already showing. That would be really handy.

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Yes that would be the most amazing thing, great idea Mark! It just would be important I think, that the view always keeps focusing on the selected object.

additional idea: if one selects a tempo object, which exists in every part and then presses a keycommand for “next layout” (does that exist already?) then it moves to the next layout at the same position in the piece.
This would make it very fast for example to check in every part, whether a newly added tempo text is right in place.
(in the moment one has to go back and forth each time (back to the score,…with W enter the new part…back to the score… etc.)

Yes, there are default keyboard shortcuts for Window > Next / Previous Layout. They don’t automatically scroll to the selection, but one can do that with P twice in succession, or ← and → to select the previous tempo object and back.

There is also a command, new in Dorico 4, that does not have a key command assigned by default, that allows you to ask Dorico to bring the selection into view, View > Center Selection.


Fantastic! Just what I’ve been wanting.

Thanks Daniel thats a great key command, this was very helpful!