[BUG]Key Commands

yesterday, I desribed a bug I had: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3147

Today, I noticed: When I click on the menu “bearbeiten” (german version), the Preset Browser opens. I could not access this menu!!!


  1. start cubase, import key commands (see attachment)
    (I have created a macro “VSTi Preset Browser”, which simply “Open Browser” key command… see xml @bottom)
  2. open new empty project
  3. insert instrument track (edit: with a VSTi!), make sure this track is selected
  4. try to access the menu “bearbeiten”…
    BuggyKeyCommands.zip (14.4 KB)

erm, I’m not authorized to Download my own attachment?

Have I done something wrong…?

ah, “not authorized to download attachment” seems to be an issue with the iPhone. Can download it with a PC.

HOWEVER, can anybody try this out? Confirm? Provide any feedback?

I had Cubase crashing once, too, when I tried to delete macros one after the other…

I already delete Cubase “Key Commands.xml” in the app folder (having Cubase rebuild it from scratch), set up a macro “VSTi Preset Browser” and inserted the Key Command “Preset/Open Browser”. Whenever I an Instrument track with output to a VSTi is selected, clicking on menu “bearbeiten” (“edit” in english versions?) brings up the Preset Browser, instead of the menu itself…

Anyone? Steinberg?

I feel ignored :wink:

Maybe I should offer something for confirmations? g

so here we go, I’m already topless :mrgreen:

If you want to see more, please verify if this happens to you, too, and confirm :smiley:

can’t be too hard to verify, can it?

Can’t confirm without C6. I can confirm that I will try it when I get my copy :mrgreen:


Well, I don’t have 6 yet either, but I was thinking, maybe you could edit your post for clarity- it sort of looks like you are saying that when you click on the Edit menu a Preset Browser window opens, and you can’t access the Edit menu.

But that also seems weird, so I’m thinking I haven’t actually understood…

When I click on the edit menu, the preset browser opens, Yes.

This is true with the attached Key commands Settings file.