[BUG] Lanes multiplication when cutting

on 6.05… sample rate is 44.1

Not sure this has been raised before (?)
I have an audio track with several lanes of audio, all sliced and comped
On some lanes, I have events that partly overlap each other. (see “before cut.jpg”)
If i now make additional cuts to these overlapped parts, new lanes are created for them, and they are no longer overlapped on the same lane! (see “after cut.jpg”)
I cut another place and, hey presto, more lanes (see “after another cut.jpg”)
This rapidly leads to a mess…

This doesn’t seem at all right… am I doing something wrong?

after another cut.JPG
after cut.JPG
before cut.JPG

I couldn’t reproduce. Could you attach the project or write a more detailed repro?


Test project attached (no audio though - is that still usable to you?)

In the project, there’s a single audio track with 5 lanes.
Try cutting one of the lanes where I placed “marker 1”
On my system, I get 3 new lanes…
Lane multiplication test project.cpr (1.08 MB)

Reported (29658)
Yes, with the testproject I could reproduce the problem that lanes are added or the events are spread out on more new lanes when you cut.


So, could this be added to the ‘BugBase’ (and it generally get updated too please), JHP/Chris…?!?

Thanks. I am amazed nobody has reported this already!

Till now there is no repro. I will write one.


(29572), now in the bugbase.


OK good luck! Further info:

  • it only seems to happen when there are overlapping parts on one of the lanes
  • the distance between the cut location and the overlap area seems to be a factor. Cut close to the overlap, and the lanes multiply. Cut further away and there are no extra lanes.
  • It has also happened to me yesterday when doing things that were not cutting :- moving, applying crossfades, and applying color to an event from the main menu have also caused lanes multiplication (where small fragments of previously hidden (overlapped) audio are given their own new lane). Shall I post CPRs of these when I get them again?

Good luck!

I have linked the original forum topic to the bug report in the bugbase so yes, anything related might help. Thanks for your commitment and readiness to help. :slight_smile:



As this bug affects overall comping functionality, I’ll be holding off on updating to 6.0.5 until it’s repaired. Thank you FunkyDrummer for catching this! (And also thanks to JHP for escalating the report).

I think I remember a similar thread some time ago. Or is it that thread about “old lane behaviour” return request?

Funny one. Could it be that this behaviour is there so that nothing is lost and as you cut your takes you can review what you need and what you don’t and delete on the fly?
I can see that if this didn’t happen and you lost some takes that could be a problem also. :question: