Bug? Layout changes cancel lyrics offset

I’m on Dorico 1.2, so maybe this has changed with D2

Working with a full score layout. I have a hymn scored with two trumpets and organ; lyrics are interlined between the two organ staves (joined together with barlines, as they can’t be removed). I had the Layout options to hide all empty staves after the first system. I adjusted the offset of several [many] lyric syllables to avoid collision with the barlines. All is good.

I went back into Layout options to show All Instruments at all times, as I wanted to makes some changes to the trumpet parts. ALL of the lyric syllable offsets [X parameters] were cancelled out and returned to 0 (switched OFF). None of the changes I made “stuck.” I tried several times, and it seems to be consistent with any changes to the Layout/Vertical Spacing.

It would seem that the offsets applied to lyrics (and maybe other objects too?) should not be changed by showing or hiding empty staves. Or am I overlooking something? Any help at all is appreciated.


I’m unable to reproduce the problem you describe, in either Dorico 1.2.10 or Dorico 2. It would certainly be unexpected for the X offset of lyrics to be affected at all by whether or not a staff is shown. If you have a reproducible case, please attach it here.

Re: the barlines in the organ part, unless the organ uses three staves, why not use the ‘Choir (reduction)’ instrument instead and change its name to ‘Organ’ using the Edit Names dialog in Setup mode?

It must have been a one-time anomaly. When re-opening the same score I was unable to reproduce the problem. I’ll keep watch to see if it arises again.

Thanks for the suggestion about using the Choir instrument [renamed] instead. I sometime forget about that option.