Bug? Lengthen/shorten duration by grid value

This is a bug, I guess:
After creating a new key command, the “lengthen duration by grid value” gives me a doubling of the note value. After restarting Dorico it works as normal again.

I guess it is the same for shorten duration by grid value.
I haven’t tried if other changes in “deeper” parts of Dorico is creating the same bug too.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you give me a bit more detail on what exactly you’re doing? What key command are you creating a shortcut for, and what is the shortcut?

I added midi commands for setting note durations; 16-note, 8-note, quarter-note, half-note, dotted note and advance caret.

Don’t know if it’s important, but: My use of “lengthen duration by grid value” is via the shortcut shift/alt-arrow.

Isn’t lengthen/shorten by grid CTRL+ALT+L or R Arrow?

Not on my computer. ALT+L/R to move by grid and SHIFT+ALT+L/R to lengthen/shorten by grid.

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