Bug:Logical Editor - Rename Generate adds spaces between parameters

In the logical editor when I generate a name, parameter 1 and parameter 2 get concatenated with an additional space between the parameters.

Also, doing a finde and replace function in the logical editor does not allow searching for a space and replacing it with a null character. So I also can not strip the unwanted space out.

I took a video demonstrating it.



I sped through your video, but I didn’t see the Project Logical Editor window, so I’m responding to your post only.

You don’t need a null character, you should just search for 'string ’ and replace it with ‘string’

Oh, the capture didn’t catch that window sorry.

To recap: Problem #1 is that the logical edit puts a space between parameter 1 and parameter 2 using the generate name function. You can try this and see what I mean.

Problem #2 (which isn’t so bad if I don’t also have problem #1) is that you can’t replace a string with a null.

I don’t want to replace a string with a string. I want to get rid of the original space that is put in there.

For that, I don’t know a way, sorry. Maybe a Feature Request post is in order?