[BUG?] Lyrics' elision ligature are not scaling properly with staff size

I have noticed that lyrics’ elision ligatures are not scaling properly with staff size. This is not very noticeable for ordinary sizes of the staff, but if you try to select a very small staff (let’s say 2.5 mm), you will see this:
Is there any way to solve that a part from using a more common staff size?

Please attach a minimal project in which you find this goes wrong; lyric slurs are correctly scaled according to both the size of the staff and the size of the lyrics font style.

Here you have it:
Untitled Project 4.zip (620 KB)

The problem here is that the space size is so incredibly small that you are falling foul of rounding errors in the rendering of the fonts (which we don’t realistically have any control over). The problem is not the scaling of the slur, but the measurement of the width of the text, which becomes more variable the smaller you make the text. If you need the space size to be proportionally this small, you should use a larger page size and a larger space size.

Ok, don’t worry. I will use a larger page size with a larger staff. Thanks!