[BUG] MADI 64 Channel - 6.5.0

System: Windows 7 sp1
Audio Card: RME MADI v3.27
System: i7-3960x Running on a Asus x79 Sabertooth, 32gb Ram, Corsair SSD Performa III
Tests: Ram check - okay, SMART Drive - okay, chkdisk and defrag run, Reordered slot Cards
Slot Order: Radeon 5760, (Space for DB) RME MADI, intel gigabit CT Desktop Adapter, SPACE (Madi DB), UAD-2 Quad(Deactivated),
Additional components: Fireface 800 connected via firewire 400 (for DA conversion to PT only), 3 VSL Pro (5) Machines via intra-net 15 instances

Problem: After running the Madi in 56 channel config (from the device panel), we switched to 64 config to add a single 5.1 channel out. We are running mixed configuration output with Mono, Stereo, Quad and 5.1 outputs from the MADI card to Cubase. Upon adding this final channel to our pallet Cubase template and sessions went from 1-2 minutes to 10-12 minutes.

Troubleshooting completed, unsuccessful: Uninstall of Cubase, removal of all preset data, uninstall and reinstall of RME-Audio driver, roll back to 56-channel in the MADI Setup, removal of ALL vst plugins, made sure all power settings and system restore and superfetch were turned off.

Troubleshooting completed, successful: Removal of ALL buses and groups, removal of 5.1 output. Fresh template build.

Problem persists on the 20+ cues we are working on - cannot operate at this speed.

Have some simple test files I have uploaded. Cannot load templates because of security constraints.

100 Audio 100 Midi on 64.zip (59.2 KB)
100 Audio 100 Midi on 56.zip (55.9 KB)