Bug: Master channel in bottom panel mixer does not update visually after applying Playback Template

Hi Dorico team,

After applying a Playback Template, like expected, all the channels in the mixer are being set to the level specified in the preferences, but it appears like it’s not being updated graphically in the mixer in the bottom panel while it displays correctly in the floating mixer window. Here is what it looks like right after applying the Playback Template:

Sorry if this has already been discovered and mentioned before! (I made a search prior to posting but you never know…)

I’m unable to reproduce this: I find that both the numeric read-out and the fader position update to the same value in both the lower zone Mixer and the external Mixer window. Do you find this behaviour the same with every playback template?

I just restarted Dorico and the problem appears to have gone away regardless of which Playback Template I used. To answer your question: I used a custom Playback Template that combines NotePerformer, HSSE and HSO. I also changed the default mixer level when working on that project in which the problem appeared, so this might potentially have caused a temporary glitch. I therefore also just tried changing the default level again to see if i could trigger it, but everything seemed to work like expected even after doing that.

I guess we’ll just have to keep our eyes open and put this issue on hold. :slight_smile: