BUG: Master Meter / Loudness Meter resize bug

I have Cubase 9.5 installed on 2 machines:-

  • HP Windows 7 laptop (8GB RAM / Intel i5 CPU)
  • Hand built Windows 10 Desktop (32GB RAM / AMD CPU / Gigabyte Mainboard)

Both machines show the same bug.
The master meter and loudness meter dont display correctly (The inner meter in the side zone doesnt fill its Zone), I keep having to resize this Zone to force the meter to re-paint which then fills the zone correctly.


Make sure you have the latest Cubase 9.5.30 update installed, please.

Could you share a screenshot?

Hi there and thanks for the reply, I am already runing that version :slight_smile:

Here are some handy screenshots of specs etc…


If i resize the right zone it re-paints and the meters are fine :slight_smile:
BTW, I am MS certified systems engineer so happy to run any diag tools or provide whatever info that will help :slight_smile:


Thank you for the screenshots. The screen has probably high resolution, right? Is there any scaling? Could you try if this affects the issue?

Do you have NVIDIA graphics cards on both system? There are some issues with NVIDIA graphics cards. It would be interesting to know, if the issue is reproducible with other graphic card.

Unfortunately I’m not Windows expert at all…

the screenshots are from a HD system (2560 x 1440), but the same issue is on my DAW laptop which I think is 1080p max (its a work so i cant check).
I will check tomorrow if the laptop has an NVIDIA video chip.
I dont use scaling at all, always set to 100%, only other display feature i set is ClearType.

Now I am at work I have checked the HP laptop, its running @ 1366 x 768 on an Intel video chip NOT NVIDIA


I don’t like the solution, but could you please try in Safe Start Mode or trashing Cubase preferences (%appdata% Steinberg/Cubase 9.5 folder)?

Okay I moved the appdata folder out to the desktop and fired up cubase, meters still shwing incorrectly :frowning:

What graphic/rendering engine does Cubase now use? I think your right about it being related to video. Weird thing is I have the same issue with an NVIDIA box and and Intel laptop.
I did have to tweak the HP laptop a bit to get cubase/asio stable, disabled core parking, disabled hyperthreding in the BIOS and the normal Windows OS tweaks (power saving on devices, CPU priority and all throttling features).
TBH its not a show stopper but I would like to clear the bug if I can workout whats causing it.

The AMD based desktop I havent needed to tweak CPU wise, just the OS tweaks.
All drivers are I think correct and I dont have any devices in device manager showing as in error state etc…