Bug - master page and undo

Editing a master page, exiting out of master page editor, entering master page editor and THEN undoing changes does not reflect these changes in the editor (but DOES undo the changes).

To reproduce:

  1. Go to page 2 in Engrave mode.
  2. Double click the default master page to open editor
  3. delete flow titles
  4. apply & close.
  5. double click on default master page to open editor again.
  6. Hit ctrl Z to undo (NOTE no update to reflect changes)
  7. Close the editor
  8. Enter the editor once more and the changes are reflected.

What do you see if, after step 8, you reopen the Master Page Editor?
In other words, is it a redraw delay?

Hi Derrek. Step 8 was re-opening the master page editor. I’m not sure what you mean by redraw delay. The undo changes do undo, just don’t appear in the editor until you close it and reopen it.

Can you replicate the bug?

Yes, I can replicate this (I deleted a ProjectLyricist token instead, but for the rest it was the same procedure as you described). I didn’t see a particular delay, but this was a small project.

We know about this behaviour, and it’s something that is quite difficult to change. The master page editor is more like a dialog than really another view of the layout: it operates not on the actual layout itself but on a special copy, so that you can make edits without paying the price for updating your entire project after every change (which is how it worked back in the days of Dorico 1.x), but the side-effect of this is that when the editor is closed, only the action that changes the actual layout can be preserved: otherwise, after closing the editor, when you do Undo, you would undo things both in the score (which you can see) and in the master page editor (which you cannot, because it’s been closed). So the bottom line is that it’s not perfect, but it’s the best available compromise that balances making edits in the master page editor undoable against maintaining good performance of the software.