Hi fellow Nuendo users. I found a bug that I hope can help some of you with a problem I encountered. Since I upgraded to Nuendo 8.1 I’ve been noticing really slow…super slow internal preset load times ( like 2 to 4 minutes ). For things like reverence presets, Track presets, VST instrument presets, etc etc. Media bay behavior was also pretty slow and I just assumed it was due to a LARGE database.

I had a chance to do some digging and finally found the problem in two areas.

  1. Media bay is not properly scanning any audio files that have odd first characters such as SYMBOLS (!?@#$%^&~`_±=., etc), even when there is a space before the first letter or number. It started creating folders marked with a . and seem to jam the scanning (this may only be on a windows 10 issue as it appeared to not be present on windows 7 but didn’t do full investigation there.)

  2. what really seem to help the process though with load times was with MOUNTED Drives, for a while I was using my SFX drives as mounted and given the size it seems that they were the culprit with load times. I still feel like this is a bug and should be looked into as there will be times when working on site that users will need access to their libraries and presets at full speed. Hope Steinberg tech’s can have a look at this.


My workaround was never to use Steinbergs internal plug ins and only use 3rd party suff with it‘s own preset management.