[Bug] Mediabay does not follow audio export overwrite

I could not find this being reported earlier, so here it goes:

  1. Create instrument track “INST”

  2. Record some midi

  3. Select the recorded event and go to Export Audio

  4. Select INST as input, filename= test, destination=mixdown.

  5. Open Mediabay and go to mixdown: audio file “test” is there.

  6. In the lower zone I can see the wave forms of the recording.

  7. I can drag the audio file “test” to the project window.


  9. Now change ANYTHING in the INST track recording, e.g. midi blobs, instrument, solo vs mute…

  10. Export audio with same name (test) and then choose “overwrite”

  11. A new audio file with name=test is created (Windows file explorer confirms this) and in the lower zone the wave form has changed and the sound is correct.

  12. Close mediabay and reopen (or click the “include”-icon twice) and the audio file with name=test is still (or again) visible.

  13. Drag the audio file “test” to the project window and there it is equal (and thus sounds equal) to the earlier version from points 5 to 8.


Can anybody confirm this?
If yes, I shall leave the [bug] tag.

Thank you