[BUG]Memory leak in N7 and N8 in session with multiple videos

I’m working on a project involving multiple short videos on the timeline. After having the project open it’s only a matter of time before the memory usage shoots through the roof to the point that either the system crashes or I have to restart Nuendo.

It seems a little random how long it takes or when it starts - sometimes it doesn’t happen for hours, just now it happened immediately before I’d done anything at all.

Here’s a pic of Task Manager as it’s on the way up and you can see that the memory usage has sharply risen to 7gb: https://imgur.com/a/uwGEI0R
For context, memory usage for this project starts at ~750mb and hovers around 1.5gb when it’s behaving itself. If I don’t close Nuendo quickly enough it eats through all the RAM and tanks my PC.

This has happened in N7 and N8 on both Windows 7 and 10 on two different machines.

Hi captain_Dan! :slight_smile:

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? That linked graph of yours is almost identical to mine and the problem seems very similar although it’s on cubase 10.5.2 Pro.

All the best!