[BUG] MIDI Chase crosstalk


I don’t have much time to delve or explain or research this one too deeply at this time, although it is pretty much a potential show stopper if I think what’s happening IS what’s happening.

In a nutshell, MIDI Chase is BROKEN.

Situation: several MIDI tracks with CC data in parts. Mainly CC2 (I use it to control VSL). These tracks are on different MIDI channels.

Problem: MIDI CC data, when a chase occurs (at stop or start) from 1 track is “crosstalking” to another. It’s really crosstalking to another MIDI channel, although it feels like it’s a track of course.

Conditions that make it occur: If a CC event IN A PART is on channel 1, and that part is on a track sending to channel 2, when a Chase occurs, that event will affect the instrument receiving on channel 1. Think about this: the track on channel 1 is getting data from the track on channel 2*. This should not occur (unless the track is set to ALL, which it is not). On playback (ie not chasing, but actually playing back) the event does not punch through, but behaves as it should. To understand this, realise that it should not matter what channel events are set to on an individual basis WITHIN A PART that is on a track set to 1 channel (in this case channel 2).

It is as if, when chase happens, the tracks become “ALL” channel tracks for a micro second, and then back to normal after the chase has been done.

The result is, for example, a sample crossfade reset on instrument 1, coming from a value on instrument 2, when I press stop. (This is the target I aim at with CC2).When I press play, the (correct) data on Channel 1 takes over and all seems normal again. But I keep hearing bursts of loudness as the MIDI data over-ride each other when I press start.

I have tested this through different “receiving” instruments to make sure that the bug is not at the receiving end (eg VE Pro might be muddling the MIDI) but no, it is Nuendo (5.5.1, mac, 10.6.8).

Please note this ONLY occurs during a chase. The reset that is cross-talked occurs when I press Stop, which creates a chase. (For those smart enough - I have “reset on stop” DISABLED in preferences).

Workaround: if the MIDI channel of every event within a part is set to the same as the track the part is on, this does not occur. MIDI can get mixed up (channel wise) when one edits and combines parts that were originally created on other tracks (it’s called composing :wink:.

Another detail, CC automation setup is fixed to PART only, on the CC number in question here.

Needless to say it’s annoying enough to make me write this in the middle of a massive deadline. Can we get this bug-based please?



  • To be precise, it is the instrument receiving from the track set to channel 1. That’s how I tested this against different instruments to isolate Nuendo as the software that’s in error.

Ok, weirded out now. Behaviour as stopped after re-launching Nuendo.

I still suspect there is something odd though - as Chase has been doing odd things for some months.

I will be back if it happens again…