BUG - Midi control send doesn't work anymore

Midi tracks can no longer output to multiple difference sources. We used to be able to do this by adding "MIDI control as a send, powering it on, then clicking the drop down arrow, but now the drop down arrow doesn’t function anymore.

To replicate:

  1. create a midi track
  2. open the “edit channel settings” via “e” button
  3. add “MIDI control” as a send
  4. turn send on
  5. select “midi send destination” by clicking the drop down ARROW which is right below the send power button
  6. notice how nothing happens anymore

This used to work in the past! When I open older projects that have midi send destinations, cubase 8.5 still sends the midi to those extra destinations, but will not allow me to change them.

Thanks for reading! Would be awesome to see an update in the future than fixes this : )

Cubase 9.5

Problem still occurs